Adjustable Hand Reamer Set H-12 To H-16


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Adjustable Hand Reamer Set H-12 To H-16

H12 – H16 ~> 5Pcs Adjustable Hand Reamer Tool Set 

Capacity : 1.1/16″ – 2.7/32″ (26.98mm – 56.35mm)
  • H12 (I) ~> 1.1/16″ – 1.3/16″ (26.98mm – 30.16mm)
  • H13 (J) ~> 1.3/16″ – 1.11/32″ (30.16mm – 34.13mm)
  • H14 (K) ~> 1.11/32″ – 1.1/2″ (34.13mm – 38.10mm)
  • H15 (L) ~> 1.1/2″ – 1.13/16″ (38.10mm – 46.03mm)
  • H16 (M) ~> 1.13/16″ – 2.7/32″ (46.03mm – 56.35mm)

Description: An adjustable hand reamer can cover a small range of sizes. They are generally referenced by a latter which equates to a size range. The Disposable blade slide along a tapered groove. The act of tightening and loosening the restraining nuts at each end varies the size that may be cut. The absence of any spiral in the flutes restricts them from light usage as they have a tendency to chatter. They are also restricted to the usage of unbroken holes. If a hole has an axial split along with it, such as a split bush or a clamping hole each straight tooth will in turn drop into the gap causing the other teeth to retract from their cutting position.

Product Specifications: Tower Tool’s adjustable hand reamers are designed with enough adjustment to ream almost any odd size hole. The blades are made of carbon steel for long life and can be adjusted by loosening one nut while tightening the other. They are used mostly for repair work in the field. 


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