Magnetic Chuck Close Pole High Power – 8″x4″


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8″ x 4″ Permanent Magnetic Chuck Close Pole High Power Magnets Infinity Premium 
Chucks cannot lose their magnetism, which will remain permanent indefinitely. Loss of
performance is generally due to the condition of the work-holding surface, never to diamagnetism. In
case of a mechanical fault, sometimes caused by lack of lubrication the user should obtain our
advice and should never dismantle the chuck. It is a reliable, permanent, and inexpensive
source since it does not require electrical supply which means no running costs and no
installation charges are involved. Best quality magnets are used in these chucks. Pole spacing
is carefully selected to cover the widest range of workpieces on the upper plate. All like poles
are connected to ensure the most effective hold on single workpieces or on partial plates.
  • 6 poles
  • Top Plate Approx 20 mm Thickness
  • Back Plate Approx 15 mm Thickness
  • Total  Length 200 mm x Total Width 104 mm x Total Height 62 mm
  • Assembled with powerful magnets. ( CLOSE POLE )
  • Fine, solid mild steel made.
  • Easy operated On-Off lever.
  • Heavy Duty and Permanent.
  • Ease of installation and operation.
  • Greater strength and rigidity.


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